Saturday, May 28, 2011 prelude A taste and relish for food

Voila! My first post on my new blog:

Why have a blog? Simple. I have a taste and relish for food that I recently discovered about three years ago. I am not trained in the art that is culinary, however my degree in journalism, paired with professional work experience photographing the cuisine of local restaurateurs and my my developing domestic intuition to eat healthy, environmentally sustainable and tasty meals led me to think about a place where I could express my food endeavours: good, bad and ugly!

What is up with the confusing URL? I wanted to keep with the spirit of  "a taste and relish for food" definition at heart. The name itself was inspired by my dear friend Kate, who is a journalist in NYC. A while back she sent me one of her stories to read, it was a food piece on a Brooklyn restaurant and in the article she use the phrase "gourmandise with reckless abandon". Her juicy and colorful article was the stimuli for my blogs title, as "gourmandise with reckless abandon" pretty much sums up my aspirations the kitchen: there are no rules that apply, indulgence is justified and satisfaction is (usually) guaranteed.

For this, my very first post, I am including a few photos I took at a local Madison restaurant called The Coopers Tavern. In future posts I hope to document my food anthology as I see it in my kitchen and in my heart, but this will hopefully get the ball rolling.

Thank you for checking out my foodie blog and I hope that you check it from time to time! And, don't forget to "Gourmandise with reckless abandon" in your next food experience.